Mohit Raina’s 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 will impress you with its performances and technical finesse
Discovery Jeet got launched last night and it was heartening news for many who love the channel’s format of story-telling. Obviously, the show that has been talked about the most is 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897. The biggest reason being the comeback of Mohit Raina. One of TV’s most good-looking hunks, Mohit is playing Havildar Ishar Singh in the historical show. Last night, we chanced upon the footage of his entry sequence and it was one of the most stirring scenes we saw in recent times. The actor has the physical persona and the intensity to play an impassioned soldier. Here is our review of the first episode…

What is it about…
The bravery of 21 Sikh warriors from the 36th Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Amry is one of the forgotten chapters of Indian history. Set in 1897, it talks about the Indian soldiers who defended a post against 10,000 Orakzai  and Pashtun tribesman. It happened at Saragarhi in the North-West Frontier Province  They were led by Havildar Ishar Singh, who was an excellent marksman and leader. It happened in September 1897. Produced by Abhimanyu Singh’s Contiloe Pictures Pvt. Ltd, it has Mohit Raina as the dedicated soldier who is ready to sacrifice his life for the nation. (Also  

What’s hot
Since it is from Discovery, a lot of attention has been given to the detailing. They have shot in a location that resembles the rugged landscape of the India – Afghanistan border. The camerawork, background score and editing is top notch. The language used in a mix of Hindi and Punjabi, which lends more authenticity to the show. The art direction is very good. Abhishek Basu is the director of photography while writer Aseem Arora has done the dialogues. Amongst the actors, it is Mohit Raina who steals the show with his commanding presence. The scene where he guns down the young soldier from the enemy ranks after reprimanding him with stay with you for a long time. The last scene of the first episode is also a winning one. Any other actor would have looked silly but Mohit has delivered the monologue with so much conviction. Mukul Dev as the head of the Orakzai brings a certain amount of flamboyance and devilishness to his role.

What’s not
The dialogues spoken by the English actors are not upto the mark. There is a scene where an officer says security briefing, which was an unheard of term in that era. These are small glitches and we do hope that this show gets better and better.

If you love history, this show is tailor-made for you. And Mohit Raina fans, here is a role that does justice to the actor’s talent and charisma.