Shilpa Shinde ends the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! chapter, withdraws sexual harassment case against the producer

The one-year-long fight has finally come to an end. Shilpa Shinde, who had accused Sanjay Kohli, the producer of &TV’s popular show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! of sexual harassing her. It was one of the reasons why she quit the show. The FIR was filed by Shilpa in March 2017. However, it’s been close to a year, and now Shilpa has let the bygones be bygones by withdrawing the case. While talking to Pinkvilla about this, Shilpa revealed that a lot of people from the TV industry urged her to put an end to this. “The surprising part is that when I was in trouble no one took an initiative to solve this problem but this time they came to me and said to finish things up,” she told the portal.

Shilpa added that Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) didn’t pay her the pending dues, but recently when they cleared it, she decided to put an end to the matter. She also revealed that CINTAA member, Sushant Singh however is still hell bent on making her life “miserable”. ALSO READ: Shilpa Shinde LASHES out at Arshi Khan after the latter comments on her marriage

Shilpa added that her stint on Bigg Boss 11 helped her a lot as she said, “…whatever you saw of me was the real me. The way people have connected with me is unprecedented, I have been receiving calls from people asking me to work with them… it’s like magic in my life.”

While she was inside the house, Shilpa locked horns with Vikas Gupta, who was also one of the producers of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!. We all saw how she made his life a living hell as a part of her revenge during the initial weeks of the show. However, there came a point when they both decided to put an end to their fight and now they are on cordial terms, if not best friends. In fact, Vikas got Shilpa to promise to him that she will work with him again. And now with Shilpa withdrawing the sexual harassment case, this chapter has finally come to a full end for her.