New Era of Indian Television with these TV shows

There was a time when Indian television was infamous for its saas-bahu sagas. And there also came a time when these shows took centre stage and ruled the television screens for a long time. One must have for sure wondered; will there ever be a change?

Finally, after a barren period of monotonous content, television has revolutionised and doesn't shy away from trying bold, fresh and even tabooed concepts.

The makers have seemed to have caught up with the audience' craving for better shows and better content and the result we see today is the list of shows we have mentioned below. In recent times, shows like 'Ek Hasina Thi', '24' and many more have broken several barriers of themonotonous content providing us never-seen-before visuals. Here we list down the shows with amazing potential which create an impact.

Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

It is the tale of a family from Gurdaspur. A typical family of 5 which includes the mother and father, two sisters Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) and a dadi. Surbhi is loved and adored by the family especially by her father and dadi who loathe Soumya, the reason still being unknown. The show apparently' deals with the concept of transgenders and from what is being portrayed on screen, Soumya has the misfortune to be one of them.


Beyhadh is a yet to be launched show but the concept has grabbed a lot many eye-balls. The show revolves around a girl Maya (Jennifer Winget) and her obsessive love for her boyfriend, the character played by Kushal Tandon. Jennifer essays the role of a sociopath in the series. What is different in this soap is that where all the leading ladies these are completely shown in apositive light, Jennifer will not be seen in the same shade. Also, theaudience will get to witness Jennifer in a grey shade for the very first time ever, which we feel is a pleasant change for her as well as for us. Obsession, fury and extremity; the title Beyhadh seems totally apt. For once, the show runners.


Krishnadasi brought to light the popular age-old custom with the same name, also known as Devdasi. Even though the show has now joined the long list of soaps that deviate from their core concept, the makers have been careful to not completely pull out references around the Krishnadasi culture from their show as the main concept itself, is the lead pair fighting against the custom. A few scenes that depict the practice of this culture are shown in the series here and there. But the show has made theaudience aware about the existence of such a culture.


Waaris deals with the social evil of a custom named 'Bacha Posh'. Bacha Posh is a cultural practice where a family will pick one of their daughters to live as a boy so as to avoid being outcast by the society. This enables their daughters to live a comparatively free life than their girl child.

Amma - Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma

Amma, is a real life finite fiction series based on the life of Zeenat (Urvashi Sharma), a woman who single-handedly raises her two kids after her husband deserts her. This series focuses on how a woman battles for her rights in a male dominated society during the partition of India.
Even though a majority of shows these days are women oriented, this is one woman-oriented show that stands out because there is no typical rona-dhona in it.

Television has been a revelation in recent times; and be it fiction or reality shows, we are witnessing distinct content with untouched ideas. Beginning of a new era...? We guess so!

Source: 5 Shows - Beginning of a new era in Indian Television
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