List of highlights, TOP 10 Best Momentsof Star Plus's Ishqbaaaz

Today, June 27 marks one year of Ishqbaaaz and it seems like just a few months back that the amazing show was presented to us by Gul Khan. And today, we have an entire journey of the show to look back upon.

As the show achieves one of it's biggest milestones, we at India-forums decided to make it special for the actors, the makers, and of course the viewers. Here is a list of highlights and some of the dearest moments from the show. (Pardon us if we miss out on your favourite)

The first look of Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna)

This one doesn't need any explanation, does it? We were floored by their first looks on the very first day.

And, a khidkitod start! (Literally!)

We cannot miss out on this one. How the two never fail to amaze us and amaze each other. Tit for tat is what their agenda has been since the very beginning!

And, the first fall in love! (which Shivaay catched of course)

This one was yet another of the cute 'ShivIka' moments that we witnessed. How the two never ever stop fighting, falling, and of course, hitting each other.

A forced apology not received?

Despite trying to get an apology, we saw the duo indulge into some hot and steamy pool side romance. Water, after all, has been one of their favourite elements in the show.

Dadi's sound piece of advice!

Shivaay could have definitely used this advice. In fact, as Dadi said, once you fall in love, you can't back out and that is exactly what happened.


This had to happen some how, and well it did. However, how it happened seemed to be rather funny and emotional at the same time. (Or so we think)

The O-Bro love!

One of the sweetest moments that the trio had was when Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Omkara (Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh) decided to tie a rakhi to their one and only Shivaay.

The sparks of love!

And, that's how it all began for the duo. Somehow, somewhere, just out of the blue. But, it happened.

The return of Shivaay's EX, Malika (Surbhi Jyoti)

This was a rather melodramatic return for Surbhi as she ran from her own marriage, seeing whom, all the four of them were left astounded.

Shivaay - Sahil bond over ice-cream!

Shivaay sure made for a really nice jiju, as he sent out all the love for Anika's little brother. Cute, aren't they?

Daksh's obsessive lover side unveiled!

This was rather scary, and at the same time traumatizing. But, what followed was Shivaay and Anika's romance which filled up for it all.

Anika turning pink as blush!

As new age as the show might turn out to be, all the cuteness and mushiness that the duo share is adorable.

The Shivaay - Mahi drama!

This one was some major twist, wasn't it? However did they come up with the idea, this one did bring in a lot of twists and drama to the track.

The family against one!

The Oberois' turned into family goals when they all came together to reveal Mahi's truth, get Ranveer and Priyanka's marriage on track, and of course all the drama pertaining Kamini (Amrapali Gupta).

The fake Anika's mother drama!

Nayantara (Anjali Mukhi) came in with yet another set of drama to the show as she turned their worlds upside down.

The major SEPARATION drama!

This, I am sure left everyone heartbroken as we did not want this to happen. After all, we just saw hopes of seeing the two together once and for all.

The REUNION of sorts post spin-off Dil Boley Oberoi

We saw all the O-bros along with Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) in the same frame during this part of the show. And, it was a treat to watch this!

The dramatic 3-months lapse!

This, has come across as yet another of the high points in the show as yet again, the two have parted their ways and the new entries in the form of Additi Gupta and Ankit Raj are here to create a havoc in ShivIka's lives. We are curious to see what follows!

Phew! Too many, weren't they? We are sure we must have missed out on quite of them, so tell us which one's did we miss on? And, which of these are your favourites?!

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