Super 500 Episode

Channel V's Sadda Haq completes 500 episodes

The stage has been set for the Sadda Haq team to party tonight!

Wondering why?

Well, the youth centric show has completed 500 epiosdes.

Isn’t it like a BIG number?

Produced by Beyond Dreams Entertainment, it has been one of the most successful shows on Channel V.

The leads, new comers Harshita Gaur and Param Singh, became overnight stars as Sanyukta and Randhir!

Touching upon a contemporary topic of a woman fighting for her rights in a man’s world. Set in the backdrop of a mechanical engineering college, Sadda Haq became a rage from the time it hit screens.
When we called up Param he thanked us and shared, “Today we are not shooting, so just chilling out. We have all planned to party tonight. Looking forward to having a great time with my Sadda Haq family.”

Producer Yash Patnaik, on the other hand shared, “Sadda Haq has been our most experimental show, and an eye opener in many ways. Since we did not have any baggage, we went all out with our conviction. 
Thankfully, we also got the outmost support from the channel. I think Sadda Haq has really worked wonders for the whole team.”

Talking about what made the series work, he further shared, “I think since everything on the show is very real, it added to the value. For the first time we got writers who had nothing to do with TV, and they spelled a different magic on TV screens. We do not have a costume designer as we get the actors clothes off store racks. Only basic make up is utilised and we shoot in natural lights. The set has not been designed, rather all the props have been handpicked by me and my team. I think people believed in our belief and that has been our success mantra.”

Woah! Hats off to you and your team!
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